We have a team of professional electricians who know how to get to the bottom of electrical faults and pinpoint their precise location. Doing so enables them to fix those problems properly, so you’ll be able to go about your day to day life without having to worry about those problems coming back.

The Danger of Electrical Faults

We all know electrics can be dangerous, but they’re much more dangerous when there’s a fault present. If you think there might be an electrical fault in your home, you can’t afford to take chances or to ignore the problem.

Allow Our Experts to Pinpoint Your Electrical Faults with Precision

Our team of experts will get to work pinpointing your electrical faults with complete precision when they visit your home and start their assessment. They’ll ensure that nothing is ignored and no possible avenue is left unexplored. They’re qualified to do this so they’ll find things you wouldn't be able to.

Signs of an Electrical Fault in Your Home or Commercial Building

There are many signs you should look out for if you suspect there might be an electrical fault in your building. Your lights might start flickering, you might have power outlets getting hotter than they should or simple actions such as plugging in appliances might lead to power outages. You might also notice a burning smell or see sparks coming from outlets.

How We’ll Go About Finding Electrical Faults

There are a few steps we’ll move through when finding and dealing with any electrical faults that might be present in your home. We conduct a full and thorough inspection of the property to identify exactly what’s happening and what the root causes of the electrical fault are. After we’ve done that, we’ll be able to provide you with a free estimate so you’ll know what the repair work will cost. After that, the team will get to work efficiently and safely repairing the faults at their root, dealing with any and all aspects of it. That way, they can make sure that the problem doesn’t return to cause you more problems later on.

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Switchboard Repairs

One of the things we often do to fix electrical faults is repair switchboards. Switchboards deliver electricity to all of the appliances and things that use it in your home. And it’s often where electrical faults originate. We can fix these faults at their root and ensure they don’t cause you any further problems. We carry out 24/7 emergency switchboard repairs too. If you want professional help finding the electrical faults in your home, you know where to turn. We’re here to help you get to the bottom of those problems and deal with them safely. Our team has the experience and expertise to ensure that gets done in the correct and proper way.

Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing
Upfront, Flat Rate Pricing
Never an Overtime Charge
Never an Overtime Charge
Lifetime Labour Guarantee
Lifetime Labour Guarantee

Don’t let your emergency electrical issue put the lives of those around you in danger

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